Your Reliable Partner for Customs Clearance in the Port of Hamburg

We offer you a comprehensive range of customs services for import and export clearance in the Port of Hamburg. These include ATLAS IT procedures, paper processes, customs tariffs and many more. The following is an overview of our range of services:

Customs Declaration

  • EZA - Single-Customs Declaration - Free Circulation
  • Handling of Fiscal Duties


More information on Customs Declaration


  • AES - Normal Procedure Export Declaration
  • Incomplete Export Declarations
  • Additional Export Declarations
  • Export Applications with Customs Office Authorisation
  • Z-number Creation
  • BHT-number Creation


Further information on the Export Declaration

Dispatches in the Paper Process (Registration for all Customs Traffic)

  • Active / Passive Processing
  • Returned Goods Declaration
  • Personal Effects
  • Status Certificate / T2L, T2LF
  • Carnet TIR
  • Carnet ATA
  • Creation of Preference Documents (EUR. 1, A.TR., EUR MED)
  • Creation and Neutralisation of Preference Certificates
  • Consignment Exemption
  • Creation of Origin Certificates
  • Veterinary Inspection (GVDE, GDE)
  • Shipment Processing T1
  • Application for EORI (customs) and VAT ID Numbers
  • Application for Customs Payment Deferment Account
  • Refund Applications
  • Organisation of Inspections
  • Customs Tariff Information
  • ATB Division and Consolidation
  • Change of Carrier

Further Services Offered by Our Customs Agency

  • Pre-financing and Deferment of Import Duties
  • Archiving and Provision of Evidence for Company and External Audits
  • Non-binding Customs Tariffs
  • Overseeing the Completion of Exports

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